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Kansas Center for Agricultural Resources and the Environment (KCARE)

Virtual Training Professional Development Opportunities

This workshop series was created originally for county and district extension agents to provide overviews on a variety of key issues related water quality in Kansas. There have been two training themes: the first focused on water quality impacts of livestock operations and grazing management, and the second theme highlighted water quality and aquatic plant management in ponds. Links to specific trainings under both themes are available on the right-hand side of this page.

Training Format

Using an online format, experts provided a live, 40-minute presentation followed by a discussion forum with a panel that included county agents, extension specialists or watershed specialists. Participants were encouraged to ask questions and follow up with both presenters and panelists. Participants and other interested parties can access digital online documents that include presentation slides, extension publications and other materials relevant to each topic.

These series are offered as Professional Development Event by Natural Resources PFT and the Kansas Center for Agricultural Resources and the Environment (KCARE). 

Please visit the links in the right-hand menu of this page to access videos, presentations and resource materials for Theme 1 and Theme 2 training sessions. Overviews of Theme 1 (Water quality impacts of livestock operations and grazing management) and Theme 2 (Water quality and aquatic plant management in ponds) are also available.

Speakers and Panelists

These trainings were possible because of the expert knowledge and wide-ranging experience of our speakers and panelists. Presenters included KCARE watershed specialists, Kansas State University faculty members, extension specialists and county extension agents. 

Upcoming Training Events

KCARE and the Natural Resources PFT continue to work in partnership to provide additional virtual training experiences. Future topics will include water quantity, irrigation technology and digital resources/GIS. For more information about these future trainings, please contact KCARE.