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Kansas Center for Agricultural Resources and the Environment (KCARE)

Upcoming events

Our watershed specialists from northeast Kansas will be part of an upcoming two-day event, highlighting different watering options for livestock. Registration for this free event is open to the public.

flyer for the eastern kansas livestock watering tour

What in the world is a watershed specialist?

The K-State Extension Watershed Specialist model is a proactive, multi-agency, private-public partnership. To restore water quality in Kansas requires a fundamental change in behavior and practices toward the land and water. It is a monumental task which requires facilitation from unique people with expertise in the area of agriculture and water with the ablity to build a rapport with landowners.

Meet the members of the watershed specialist team.

We work to reduce non-point source pollution from cropland and livestock sources. Our priorities include

  • restoration of impaired water resources (TMDLs)
  • abatement of fecal coliform bacteria, atrazine and pesticides
  • reduced nutrients and sediment loads
  • protection of water resources
  • implementing farmer/producer Best Management Practices (BMPs)

Can a Watershed Specialist Help Me?

Historically, specialists have provided assistance to producers and various WRAPS groups in 70 Kansas counties. If you live outside of the assistance areas shown below, don't worry! Our specialists can and do work outside these areas as deemed necessary.

Our team wants to help you make your operation sustainable and profitable. Winning awards is just a side benefit! Read more about how one of our producer partnerships has been recognized for conservation by the Kansas State Farm Bureau and the Kansas Water Office.

Map showing watershed specialist referral areas across Kansas

Thanks to our partners!


Environmental Protection Agency Seal

This project has been funded in part through the Section 319 of the Clean Water Act.

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Our Urban-Rural Partnership Initiatives

Want to learn more about how we're creating partnerships between Kansas rural communities and our urban areas? We have projects to reduce atrazine runoff in targeted watersheds, as well as an offsite BMP project to reduce sediment in the Little Arkansas River.