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Kansas Center for Agricultural Resources and the Environment (KCARE)

We're in the news!

Read all about the farm in local news pieces, including this article about the August 2021 Field Day. You can also read this article about how work on the farm drives soil health and irrigation research, or this video clip about our automated drone system from American Robotics!

Need an overview?

Download the Flickner Innovation Farm brochure, which provides general information about the history of the Flickner Farm, our research goals, current projects and partnerships.


Kansas State University
44 Waters Hall
Manhattan KS 66506

(785) 532-0393

Flickner Innovation Farm

About Us

Ongoing projects at the Flickner Innovation Farm will help fine-tune existing irrigation, soil-health and other agricultural technologies while exploring ways that new innovations can improve soil health and conserve water on Kansas farmland. We hope to harvest the advantages of new technology and current research with our comprehensive team of experienced growers, agronomists, watershed specialists, university researchers and industry specialists.

Together, we hope to extend the reach of standard agricultural practices while improving yields and preserving natural resources.

Field Days and Workshops

a collage of photos shows different scenes from the Flickner Field Day

We are part of a vibrant agricultural community in Kansas, and one of our main motivations is to share our knowledge with our neighbors. The Flickner Innovation Farm holds regular field days and workshops so that our partners can meet with other interested producers and stakeholders, in order to help promote positive environmental stewardship. We want to provide meaningful information through our work and research. Workshop presentations, field day information and other research materials can be found here.

Farm History

Interseeder plants cover crops in a field of dry plantsThe Flickner Farm, located in Moundridge, Kansas, has a long history reaching back to the 1870s. Ray Flickner is the 5th generation to farm this land, which now consists of more than 850 acres with 10 individual water rights. The Flickner Farm uses sub-surface drip irrigation (SSDI) and precision mobile drip irrigation (PMDI) to grow corn, wheat and soybeans; many of the fields are no-till or limited strip till, and soil conservation techniques continue to be implemented. The family's commitment to improved soil health and sustainable water use makes the Flickner Farm a perfect location for testing new technologies and innovative solutions for these issues.


Did you miss out?

If you missed field day at the end of August, well, we missed you too. We are busy planning future events, and hope you'll be able to join us next time. While you're waiting, you can take a minute to learn more about what our partners and researchers are doing on the farm by accessing presentations from previous Flickner Innovation Farm events. As always, if you want to learn more, or have specific questions, you can contact us at any time!