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Kansas Center for Agricultural Resources and the Environment (KCARE)

Extending the Grazing Season

a group of black calves graze on native grasslands

This training session took place on Friday, May 8. Presentations from both speakers are also available for download. The first presentation focused on "raising your water quality IQ," and discussed common pollutants, their sources and pollutant management. The second presentation discussed the concept of extending the grazing season using cover crops and other forages. Hay costs are a major portion of the annual cost of owning cattle, and cover crops have become popular in recent years, especially with cost share opportunities for using them in a forage production system. This presentation explored methods of incorporating cover crops into a forage system to increase both quality and quantity of forage available.


For those who were unable to join us, a video recording of the training is available. For extension agents, these recordings can be found in the Natural Resources channel in the KSRE Resources Team on Microsoft Teams. For any others who are interested in watching the training, please contact KCARE for the video link.



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Jeff Davidson, wearing a hat, smiles at the camera

Jeff Davidson, KCARE Watershed Specialist

Stacie Minson, standing in front of a tree with green foliage, smiles at the camera

Stacie Minson, KCARE Watershed Specialist


Dale Helwig, Cherokee County Extension Agent

Jody HolthausMeadowlark Extension District Agent

Keith Harmoney, Agricultural Research Center, Hays

Jaymelynn Farney, Southeast Research and Extension Center