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Kansas Center for Agricultural Resources and the Environment (KCARE)

Irrigation Innovation Consortium Opens 2021 RFP

The Irrigation Innovation Consortium (IIC) has $600,000 available to support collaborative research that aims to accelerate the development and adoption of water and energy-efficient irrigation technologies, tools, and practices. Research projects should address gaps important to the irrigation sector and/or end users of irrigation in agriculture, landscape, or turf applications. 

Prospective projects should fit within one or more of IIC's priority research topic areas: water and energy efficiency, remote sensing and big data applications to improve irrigation water management, system integration and management or acceleration of irrigation technology innovation and adoption. Letters of intent must be sbmitted by November 23, and selected teams will be invited to virtual interviews mid-December 2020. Projects will have an anticipated start date of April 1, 2021.

The full RFP document contains additional details about the application process, requirements and funding amounts.

Funding Extensions due to COVID-19

Due to the disruptions arising from the national response to COVID-19, NIFA is extending deadlines for the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI) applications.  NIFA's goal  is to provide applicant institutions additional time as they work through any operational challenges within their institutions arising from COVID-19. Even with increased flexibilities for applicants, NIFA still recommends applicants submit their applications as soon as possible. For specific deadlines and extensions, please visit the NIFA website.


If you are interested in other funding opportunities, contact KCARE for more information.

Did we miss something? If you know of any funding opportunities for agricultural research, contact KCARE so we can spread the word!