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Kansas Center for Agricultural Resources and the Environment (KCARE)

We've expanded our team!

Daniel Skucius, wearing a grey suit and purple striped tie, smiles at the cameraThe Kansas Center for Agricultural Resources and the Environment (KCARE) is adding a member to their team to support water quality efforts in Kansas. Daniel Skucius is our newest extension watershed specialist, covering the northeast region of Kansas. Daniel will provide leadership in developing and implementing science-based educational programs and will work closely with local landowners and producers to adopt and implement best management practices to safeguard water quality.

“Daniel’s experience within K-State Extension gives him a solid perspective on how to create meaningful relationships with our KCARE stakeholders,” said Susan Metzger, KCARE Director. “His enthusiasm for balancing the use of our state’s natural resources with the protection of those resources will make him an important member of our watershed specialist team.”

Learn more about how Daniel and the rest of the watershed specialist team work to safeguard water quality in Kansas.

Leading the way: Partnerships and Research

A crowd of people sit at circular tables, listening to a speaker at the front of a long meeting room.

It was a full house for the Flickner Innovation Farm's Winter Meeting! Farmers, local business owners, industry representatives, extension agents, conservation districts, and more were in the crowd to learn about current projects at the Flickner Innovation Farm. During the day's program, participants were able to interact with K-State researchers, NASA's representative from its Applied Sciences Division, and a scientist from the Kansas Geological Survey. If you weren't able to join us, head over to the Flickner Innovation Farm page to take a look at some of the presentations!

Kansas Water Resources Institute (KWRI)

The KWRI FY 2020 newsletter cover. In the upper right hand corner, there is a photo of a woman in jeans, kneeling by the side of a stream, wearing safety glasses and holding a water testing jar in front of her. Behind this photo is a blue sky reflected in a calm river. The contents of the newsletter are described.The Kansas Water Resources Institute (KWRI) develops and supports research on high priority water resource problems and objectives, as identified through the state water planning process.  It is also designed to facilitate effective communication between water resources professionals and to foster the dissemination and application of research results.

KWRI is funded by a combination of federal funds through the U.S. Geological Survey and non-federal funds from state and other sources.  It is part of the National Institutes for Water Resources (NIWR).  NIWR provides a national platform for research, training and collaboration. 

Putting our natural resources to work ... but better

Three men in blue jeans, two standing on ladders and the third balanced on a cross beam, hold a large metal solar panel parallel to the ground.KCARE's mission has always been to balance the use of our state's natural resources with the protection of those resources. To that end, our specialists and other researchers are always looking for better, more sustainable solutions to everyday issues. Like this solar-powered pump, for example! Head over to our Watershed Research and Implementation Partnership page to learn more about other projects like this one.

Partner with us

Kansas State University established KCARE in order to coordinate and enhance the research, extension, and teaching activities that focus on environmental issues relating to agriculture. KCARE supports research spanning multiple departments and disciplines: soil science, smoke management, cropping systems, water quality and irrigation, fertilizer research, and climate studies.

purple KCARE logoIt is our privilege and pleasure to work with research and extension faculty, students, and members of our community to explore new ways to create quality solutions for the environmental issues our state faces now and into the future. Through our partnerships, we are helping Kansas agriculture remain successful and sustainable.

Copies of the KCARE logo are available for interested stakeholders. Possible uses include as a link to the KCARE website on personal or departmental webpages, or on brochures or handouts including KCARE-supported research. Contact KCARE for more information.


Contact Us

Kansas Center for Agricultural
Resources and the Environment
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