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Kansas Center for Agricultural Resources and the Environment (KCARE)

Research on the Farm

Research Projects 

Predicting rootzone soil moisture from surface observations in cropland using an exponential filter

Published in the Soil Science Society of America Journal, this study tested the skill of an exponential filter to estimate rootzone soil moisture conditions from a time series of near-surface soil moisture observations.

A soil moisture-based framework for guiding the number and location of soil moisture sensors in agricultural fields

This article, published in the Vadose Zone Journal, evaluates a quantitative framework based on soil moisture-based management zones (MZs) to determine the minimum number and tentative deployment location of soil moisture sensors (SMS).

Evaluation of Soil Perameters after Long-Term Subsurface Drip Irrigation Under Minimum Tillage System

This research study, published as a Kansas Agricultural Station Research Report, evaluates soil perameters after the long-term use of sub-surface drip irrigation under no-till, with the use of high pH irrigation water.

Comparing consumer- and research-grade soil moisture sensors

This study was conducted as part of a preliminary test between co-located consumer-grade and research-grade soil moisture sensing technologies in the same field and some discrepancies may be attributed to factors non-related to the soil moisture sensors. 

Event Presentations

The presentations provided below are courtesy of the Flickner Innovation Farm partners, and are for informational purposes only. Please do not republish or distribute these presentations or portions of them without permission. To request permission, contact KCARE or the individual partner.

A large interseeder drives through a corn field at the Flickner Farm

August 2021 Field Day, Moundridge, Kansas

Herbicide off-target movement handout

Cover crops for weed management handout

Mobile Drip Irrigation (MDI) handout

January 2020 Workshop, Inman, KansasKState researcher Andres Patrignani presents his work about soil moisture probe placement to the workshop audience.

Overview of the Flickner Innovation Farm and 2019 Observations

Overview of the Goering Water Technology Farm and 2019 Observations

Placement of Soil Moisture Probes

2019 Water Use Efficiency Results

Surface Drip and PDMI to Reduce Water Use

2019 Nutrient Study Results and Soil Health Testing

Measuring N and P Losses in Surface Water Runoff

Correlating Grain Protein and Soil Nutrients

August 2019 Field Day, Moundridge, Kansas

Drone emerging from box in front of corn fieldsUAS Imagery Technology

Using Cover Crops for Weed Suppression

Techniques for Healing Gullies