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Kansas Center for Agricultural Resources and the Environment (KCARE)

Blue-green algae and its dangers to livestock and pets


A pond, covered with algae and surrounded by trees with no leaves


This training session took place on Tuesday, June 23. The presentation, which can be downloaded, detailed how researchers make a diagnosis for animal death associated with algae blooms and also include a discussion of a current multi-agency research project in eastern Kansas, aimed at mitigating blue-green algae in ponds. Please note that this presentation is made available with the permission of the presenters, and is for informational use only. If you are interested in the powerpoint version in order to use it as a training resource, please contact the presenters listed on this page or KCARE.

For those who were unable to join us, a video recording of the training is available. For extension agents, these recordings can be found in the KSRE Resources Team channel on Microsoft Teams. For any others who are interested in watching the training, please contact KCARE for the video link.

ResourcesHelpful Links
Identification and Management of Blue Green Algae in Farm PondsKDHE Bureau of Water
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Video Resources



Steve Ensley, in a blue shirt and tie, smiles at the camera
Steve Ensley, College of Veterinary Medicine, Kansas State University
Scott Fritz, in a blue jacket and shirt, smiles at the camera
Scott Fritz, Kansas State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
Jody Holthaus stands in front of a trailer that has bales of barley hay
Jody Holthaus, Extension Agent, Meadowlark District
Elizabeth Smith smiles at the camera in front of a white vehicle
Elizabeth Smith, KDHE Bureau of Water


Will Boyer, KCARE Watershed Specialist
Jeff Davidson, KCARE Watershed Specialist