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Kansas Center for Agricultural Resources and the Environment (KCARE)


Developing Livestock Water Resources

Solar Water Pump Installation

Low Volume Spring Developments

Tire Tank Installation Guidelines

Construction of a Limited Access Ramp for Pond Watering of Cattle

Limited Access Ramps for Pond Watering of Cattle

How Water Quality and Source Affect Animal Performance

Installing a Pipeline through a Pond Dam

Experimenting with Surface Water Pump Systems

Surface Water Pump: Parts List

Water Quality Issues

Integrating Watershed Managment Across the Urban-Rural Interface

What's In Your Water?

Identification and Management of Blue-green Algae in Farm Ponds

Understanding Sedimentation of Kansas Lakes

Sedimentation in our Reservoirs:  Causes and Solutions

Livestock Management 

Designing a Bud Box

Using Geotextiles for Feeding and Traffic Surfaces

KDHE Livestock Waste Management brochure

KDHE Livestock Waste Management brochure (swine specific)

Cropland Management

State-wide tillage and conservation practice survey.