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Kansas Center for Agricultural Resources and the Environment (KCARE)

Electric Fencing Systems

two series of straight wires are attached to a central wooden post, with a coil of wires attached between the two electrical wires

This training session took place on Wednesday, May 13. The presentation, which can be downloaded, focused on using electric fencing as an effective method of controlling livestock on most farms. Electric fencing systems offer two major advantages over other types of fencing, such as lower costs and ease of construction.

We invite anyone who was unable to join us, or those who are interested in this topic, to watch the recorded training session.



Electric Fencing for Serious Graziers

For additional videos featuring Rod Schaub discussing electric fencing systems, visit the Frontier Extension District website.


Rod Schaub smiles at the camera

Rod Schaub, Frontier Extension District Agent


Will Boyer, KCARE Watershed Specialist

Herschel George, KCARE Watershed Specialist, retired