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Kansas Center for Agricultural Resources and the Environment (KCARE)

ArcGIS Pro Training Overview

A heat map of Kansas and its counties, showing bands of purple (from dark in the center to very light lavender at the edges) indicating the drive time from Anderson Hall to other parts of the state.

An example map made using ArcGIS Pro software.

The Natural Resources Professional Focus Team and KCARE offered an "Introduction to GIS software" training on May 23-24, 2023. This in-person, hands-on workshop allowed participants to receive an overview of available GIS software, to understand the terminology and basic functions of ArcGIS Pro, and will be able to create maps for their professional use.

No prior GIS experience was required to take this two-day training.

If you are interested in future ArcGIS Pro trainings, please contact KCARE.

A group of people pose together in front of a living green wall with a large purple powercat sign

Intro to ArcGIS training cohort, May 2023


Will Boyer, wearing a purple button-down shirt, smiles at the camera

Will Boyer, KCARE Watershed Specialist

Sue Brown, wearing glasses and a flowered cowl neck sweater, smiles at the camera

Sue Brown, KCARE Research Assistant, retired

Darci Paull, wearing a grey sweater and smiling at the cameraDarci Paull, Geographic System Information Analyst, Kansas Forest Service

Aleksey Sheshukov, wearing a suit and tie, smiles at the camera in this formal portrait

Aleksey Sheshukov, Associate Professor, Biological and Agricultural Engineering