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Kansas Center for Agricultural Resources and the Environment (KCARE)

Water Quality Professional Development

Water Quality Professional Development was offered for agents that are interested in learning more about surface water quality, primarily aimed at the eastern portion of the state. 

Presentations from the training are listed below.  Please access the presentation by clicking on the title.

Understanding Urban Stormwater Runoff and Urban Issues by Trisha Moore

What is a Watershed? Understanding Surface Runoff. Controlling Erosion and Sediment. by Aleksey Sheshukov

Kansas WRAPS by Amanda Reed

Water Quality in Kansas:  The Backstory and Basics by Tom Stiles

Runoff Still Runs Downhill - Taking Topsoil, Sediment, Nutrients, and Bacteria by Joel Derouchey

Stream Stabilization and Buffers by Charlie Barden

Understanding Cropland Runoff and Controlling Nutrient Losses by Nathan Nelson

Understanding Extension's Role in WRAPS by Carl Garten and Watershed Specialists

Considerations for New and Expanding Confinement Facilities by Joe Harner, Ron Graber and Watershed Specialists

Managing Water Quality at Small Confinement Facilities by Will Boyer

Is Non-Confined Feeding an Alternative? by Herschel George

Dollars Drive Decisions by Jeff Davidson



For more information, contact:  Charlie Barden (cbarden@ksu.edu) or Aleksey Sheshukov (ashesh@ksu.edu)