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Kansas Center for Agricultural Resources and the Environment (KCARE)

Flickner Innovation Farm Partners

logo with a Red A and black R underneath written American Robotics in blackblack logo spelling out AquaSpythe word climate written in black above the words field view in golden yellow with a green plant leaf making up the last stem of the letter w
John Deere logo, with a green square on the right containing a yellow leaping stag, followed by the words John Deere in greenA dark and light green image that looks like a cog with fields drawn in the center, underneath which is written Greenfield Roboticsa black and white logo with the outline of the state of Kansas, inside of which is a heart made of water waves and droplets and the words heartland irrigation inc, specializing in drip irrigation
a blue logo with a large white letter I, outlined in blue, and then spelling out nman irrigationin green, the word Kansas, with Corn Commission written below in black. The "o" in corn is shaped like a yellow corn kernel with a green checkmarkIn blue, the letters KU followed by the words Kansas Geological Survey
A purple circular logo, with a rising sun behind a graphic representing a river and a field of corn, underneath is written KCAREin purple, text on top says K-State and underneath research and extensionPurple text reading Kansas State University on the left, with Kansas Mesonet written to the right
The words McPherson County on top, underneath a blue line and then below the words soil conservation districtA thick black line above the letters MKC in bold yellow, followed by the phrase "shared growth, shared success"a large blue water drop and a small blue water drop followed by the word netafim in bold blue

A green leaf with veins resembling computer connections over black text that says phytech

A black target with two green leaves, resembling a plant, followed by black text reading San-D-Akr farms consultingA capital letter w, crowned by a golden sunset and diagonal stripe of gold, with a double wave of green underneath, below which is written city of in green, and wichita in blue