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Kansas Center for Agricultural Resources and the Environment (KCARE)

Watershed Specialists

Will Boyer, Northeast Kansas Watershed Specialist

Will Boyer is an extension watershed specialist for K-State. He works primarily with Northeast Kansas watersheds, where he provides education and technical assistance to agricultural producers and other stakeholders. Will works one-on-one with livestock producers to find solutions to water quality concerns associated with their confined feeding and grazing operations using high-resolution mapping data and GIS software.

Will has been with K-State since 1998, and in his current position since 2003. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology from Chadron State College in Nebraska, and a master’s degree in environmental planning and management from K-State.

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Jeff Davidson, Flint Hills Watershed Specialist

Jeff Davidson is a watershed specialist, with a special focus on the Flint Hills Watersheds. He has been with KCARE since 2012, providing research-based information and educational programs related to environmental stewardship of water resources throughout the Flint Hills region.  Jeff’s work focuses on: the use of off-stream watering sites for cattle, improved water quality through rangeland management practices, confined feeding animal management, cover crop management, soil infiltration improvement strategies, and riparian zone management.  Additionally, he is the initial contact for people who own streambank sites deemed highly erodible along the Cottonwood River.  In partnership with these landowners, he helps to put streambank stabilization projects in place. These projects not only preserve crop ground bordering the stream, but reduce the amount of sediment that will flow into the nearby reservoir.

Jeff worked for K-State for many years previous to KCARE as an Agricultural Extension Agent in Greenwood County.  He attended Colorado State University, where he earned both a Bachelor of Science degree in Range-Forest Management and a Master’s Degree in Range Science, specializing in range animal nutrition.

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Herschel George, Southeast Kansas Watershed Specialist

Herschel George is a recent graduate of Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in agricultural education (1969) and a master’s degree in agricultural mechanization (1982).  After serving as a County Extension Agent for over 30 years, he is part of KCARE as a watershed specialist for Southeast Kansas watersheds. He focuses on water quality, primarily in partnership with livestock producers, and works to reduce the impact of livestock on the ponds, lakes and streams of Eastern Kansas.  

Much of his time is spent on developing and installing plans for livestock alternate water supplies.  Herschel’s expertise includes the instillation of: concrete and tire tanks, livestock water supply lines into ponds full of water, and solar water pumping systems. In the targeted WRAPS areas of Eastern Kansas, he assists producers with finding cost-share solutions to improve water quality.  In addition, Herschel is often asked to assist livestock producers with the planning necessary to return their facilities into “compliance” with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE).

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Other KCARE watershed specialists include:

Ron GraberCentral Kansas Watershedsrgraber@ksu.edu
Stacie MinsonBig Creek Middle Smoky Hill River Watershedssedgett@ksu.edu