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Kansas Center for Agricultural Resources and the Environment (KCARE)

Solutions for farm ponds in light of water scarcity 

Recently, KCARE Watershed Specialist Herschel George spoke with Eric Atkinson on “Agriculture Today” about the current drought and how it’s affecting farm ponds in Kansas.

With severe drought creeping across most of the state, producers are finding water resources on their properties dwindling. George said that, although ponds in eastern Kansas are still relatively full, ponds further west are not.

“It’s a disaster waiting to happen,” he said.

Listen to the entire program, or skip to 1:42 to learn more about the steps producers can take to restore existing ponds, as well as other alternative and cost saving possibilities for providing water sources. There is more information about developing livestock water resources on the KCARE Publications page.

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Are you a producer interested in strengthening the environmental stewardship of your operation? Take one of our surveys today! 

What's In Your Water? Find out about your water quality and the steps you can take to affect water quality efforts across the state.

Interested in installing tire tanks for livestock watering, developing low volume springs, or installing a solar water pump?  The KCARE Publications page has information on these topics and more. 

Stay current with KCARE

K-State research faculty and extension specialists play a large role in the efforts to conserve and improve water quality in Kansas. This video, from K-State Research and Extension, highlights several of our KCARE-affiliated researchers: from cover crop field studies to improved irrigation technology to the important work of our watershed specialists. Read more about other projects in issues of our KCARE newsletter, KCARE Research Today.

Call for Proposals

USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS) has announced the availablility of Conservation Innovation Grants (CIG) for 2018. Check out KCARE's Funding Opportunities page for more information.

Out with the old, in with the new

Kansas State University established KCARE in order to coordinate and enhance the research, extension, and teaching activities that focus on environmental issues relating to agriculture. KCARE supports research spanning multiple departments and disciplines: soil science, smoke management, cropping systems, water quality and irrigation, fertilizer research, and climate studies.

purple KCARE logoAlthough the core mission for us remains the same, our look is starting to change. As a part of this, we are excited to share with our updated KCARE logo. This design encompasses the connection between agriculture and the environment which is at the heart of KCARE. It is our privilege and pleasure to work with research and extension faculty, students, and members of our community to explore new ways to create quality solutions for the environmental issues our state faces now and into the future. Through our partnerships, we are helping Kansas agriculture remain successful and sustainable.

Copies of the KCARE logo are available for interested stakeholders. Possible uses include as a link to the KCARE website on personal or departmental webpages, or on brochures or handouts including KCARE-supported research. Contact KCARE for more information.


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