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Kansas Center for Agricultural Resources and the Environment (KCARE)



large group meeting for feedlot field dayCattle HealthKCARE watershed specialists provide practical ideas to meet environmental expectation and to protect Kansas waters. These Best Management Practices (BMPs) focus on cattle health and the preservation of water quality.
fenced watering access for cattleFarm PondsFarm ponds are essential for providing cattle access to water, but allowing cattle free access to these ponds can lead to a number of environmental problems. KCARE watershed specialists offer solutions to reduce pond sedimentation, nutrient levels, growth of blue-green algae and E.coli.
irrigation sprayersK-State Irrigation Research: Learn about our research on various irrigation technologies as well as K-State's involvement in Water Technology Farms across the state.
edge of field water runoffKAW Field Laboratory: The Kansas Agriclutral Waterhsed Field Laboratory is a unique opportunity for our researchers to study the effects of agricultural management practices on water, sediment, nutrient and chemical losses.