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Kansas Center for Agricultural Resources and the Environment (KCARE)

Handbook photo galleries

Use this page to navigate to different photo galleries that can help illustrate the various sections of the handbook. The galleries are arranged in the same order as the handbook sections, with specific topics on each gallery page. There will be some handbook sections that do not have any photos. These photo galleries will be updated periodically.

For more information about these photos, contact KCARE.

A pond at sunset, with a sky getting pink on the horizon, and a small full moon. The water ripples toward the camera, and thistles and other plants grow on the banks.
Photo Gallery: Water Sources
Black cattle stand around a metal watering tank fed by a tank and pump enclosed by a fence with thick green bars. A large solar panel sits on a pole above the tank
Photo Gallery: Pumps, Pipelines, and Storage
A pond surrounded by green grass and trees. The pond is surrounded by a barbed-wire fence, which also extends through the water of the pond.
Photo Gallery: Livestock Waterers
A black cow with a red tag in its left ear and standing in a field of tall grass looks at the camera.
Photo Gallery: Grazing
A large metal tank sits in the middle of a wide-open pasture. The tank is filled with water, and the surface of the water is completely covered in small black balls that float
Photo Gallery: Other